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From individual arrays to large ground based solar farms, CEV can satisfy your solar requirements.

Despite the well-publicised cuts to the Solar Feed in Tariffs, Solar is still a financially viable option for any individual/business looking for alternative forms of generating electricity. Competition from suppliers is constantly driving prices down and therefore profits up. Having entered the market at the beginning of the solar boom, CEV can offer amongst the lowest rates for domestic users in the UK.

Interested in a larger endeavour?
Large, ground-based solar arrays are becoming more and more popular. Though space is required (usually 20+ acres) the visual impact of an array is greatly reduced when compared with wind development of the same size whilst the potential returns are sizeable. CEV understand that not every business can afford to invest in installing their own solar power system, therefore we have formed partnership with other companies to provide FREE solar power systems for those interested in the ground based solar arrays.

Are you an established company with a long-standing trading history?
We are offering lease free, FREE-TO-FIT Solar installations for any companies wishing to reduce their carbon footprint with solar. Simply sign up to a commercial Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with CEV and we will plan, install and maintain a solar array on your behalf, free of charge (minimum 10kw).

To discuss how solar can benefit you, fill out our enquiry form.

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